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Buy Tie Dye Sets for Women for and Get a Charming Look

Today is the day to talk about a trend that promises to invade women’s wardrobes this summer. Womens tie dye set, which comes from the English “tying” and “dying”, because its technique consists of creating colour patterns in the fabric through tying, sewing or kneading the garment. Therefore, you can either buy your Tie Dye piece or make it.

To match the pieces is very easy! If you are less daring, choose a single Tie Dye piece and use it with other plain pieces, but with similar colors to the ones in the print, or with basic jeans. Now, if you really like daring and joy, it’s worth using the entire tie dye women’s set or combining it with plain pieces also in vibrant colors!

And for those of you who want to have fun making your own ladies active wear sets, here are some tips:

First you will need powdered fabric paint and a large bowl. For every 1 pot of paint, you dilute it in 1 liter of boiling water. Then you take the piece you want to dye and make string ties. Know that wherever you tie, the piece will remain in its original colour. And in the rest, where there are no ties, it will be dyed by the ink.

Finally, and most importantly, the piece chosen to paint has to be at least 60% cotton. This is because the ink does not stick to artificial fabrics, only natural ones, such as cotton, viscose, silk, among others. So always check the composition tag before making art!

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